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Bart Nijstad: Scuffle

Autobiographical comic book about a young man wrestling with himself and the world around him.Bart NijstaArtist from The Netherlands born in 1979. Studied Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2005. Bart can find inspiration in anything from a blockbuster movie to seeing a middle-aged woman eating a huge sausage in a parking-lot. This spectrum of interests merge in the comics and illustrations he creates.

Ha! I love this, identify with this… But not sure about the surgery :/


Richard ClarksonInteractive Light shaped like a Cumulus Cloud

This wonderful interactive audiovisual fixture by Richard Clarkson’s inter-disciplinary design studio brings all of the thunder but none of the rain of a summer storm to your home’s interior. The “Cloud” thunder storm lamp and speaker system looks like a rain cloud on a leash that can even interact with people and sounds around it.

This smart little creative lamp is replete with lights, motion sensors, microphones, and a powerful speaker system. A remote control allows user to set it to different modes, getting it to act like a simple thunder cloud, to respond to movements in its surroundings, or to respond to sounds or music that it hears around it. The poofy outer layer definitely completes the illusion that we’re looking at a cloud.

I love this but would only have it installed in the hot wet summer months… Could be depressing in autumn and winter!

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